Wild West Furniture was created in 2007 by brother/sister team Dustin Kimmel & Annelise Kimmel.  Annelise quotes, "We started young and built something we didn't expect. We worked hard and put a lot of time into this business." Annelise has been highly involved in the American Quarter Horse industry for several years and is well-known by many. Annelise quotes, "I am very close to all of my customers and I love what I do for their homes."  

As time went on, Wild West Furniture decided to buy the well known western furniture store, Carolina Moon Home Furnishings from Mike Clagg in 2011. Annelise quotes, "We thought it would be a great asset to Wild West Furniture & Accessories, so we merged the companies into one. It has been a great success. We strive to keep the quality and trust that Mike built for Carolina Moon."

 Annelise quotes, "Being involved in the horse industry has taught me things that I will use for the rest of my life. You have to put your whole heart into it, be honest with yourself and your horse, and never lose the dedication and drive to win. I hold the same values with my business. We strive to have the drive and integrity to be one of the best furniture retailers/designers out there. We promise your experience with us will be an enjoyable one. We work with only the best manufacturers to provide our customers with exception quality. If you put your whole trust into us, we will turn your house into the dream home you have always wanted, at the price you deserve."

Annelise Kimmel